Improving Human Performance

Create, Scale and Analyse Training
Virti uses XR, artificial intelligence and gamification to help employees learn faster and remember training for longer.

Why Virti Immersive Training?

Scale Face-To-Face, Experiential Training Fast

Immersive training places employees into on-demand, experiential training environments from the safety of their mobile device or immersive headsets. Scalable, repetitive practice combined with an increased sense of presence maximises learning effectiveness. Unique data-driven insights then provide objective data on employee performance which would usually be subjectively assessed or missed during real world training opportunities.

Accessible & Repeatable

Scenarios for infrequent training experiences

Unique Objective Data

Captured through data-science insights on performance

Presence & Embodiment

Increase emotional connection, empathy and engagement

Deploy & Scale

Experiential training quickly to large numbers of employees

Reduce Time & Costs

Of face-to-face training and travel requirements

Safe, On Demand

Training for individuals and teams in high-pressure environments

End-To-End Training

Prepare Your Workforce For The Future

Using Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) your workforce develops new skills faster with data-driven insights making them train more effectively and improving their performance when it matters. At Virti we provide an end-to-end service spanning all immersive technologies to help you implement the best integrated, immersive training strategy specific to your organisation's needs.

1. Strategy & Curriculum Integration

2. Content Design & Creation

3. Rollout & Adoption

4. Performance Data Analysis

Evidence Based Results

The Future of Work

Independent, peer-reviewed research has shown that Virti reduces skill-fade and improves decision-making speed compared to traditional face-to-face training.


increase in knowledge gain for healthcare professionals


reduction in skill-fade post-training for employees


Multi-Award-Winning Training & Assessment Platform

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