Predictive Analytics

Our Analytics Engine uses artificial intelligence to turn subjective feedback into objective data with unique data science insights and predictive analytics on training performance.
Performance Analysis

Data Science Insights

Performance analytics deliver unique insights into how your workforce behaves. Machine learning algorithms build predictive models on how training data translates into real world practise to help personalise training and ensure knowledge retention and application.


Task completion and responses under pressure to evaluate knowledge and application.


Course and simulation usage, activity, completion and peer comparison


Qualitative feedback and quantitative analysis of soft-skills such as communication and team work.


User attention analysis including eye-tracking, spatial movement, speed of actions and more.

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Soft Skills

From Subjective To Objective Data

Our Analytics Engine takes subjective data from important skills such as communication, team work and decision-making and makes them objective, quantifiable and validated to provide organisations with better insights into how prepared their workforce really is while making on-the-job training more equitable to access and more scalable.

Actionable Insights

ROI-Based Analytics

Our analytics are easy-to-understand and provide organisations with unprecedented insight into knowledge gaps, learner engagement, knowledge retention (and loss), content accuracy, group proficiency and more - all in real-time. 

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Our Analytics engine identifies user weak areas and personalises re-enforcement training.


Remote, automated assessment of competencies helps to scale face-to-face training and reduce variability.


Real-time analytics and ad-hoc reports enable learning managers to identify outliers, tailor content and take action early.