Our training and assessment platform is based on learning pedagogy and validated through independent scientific research

Science-Based Training

Virti combines cognitive science and data science insights to translate training into real world performance. Our technology delivers emotional and perceptual fidelity to embed training and stimulate retrieval practice. We make training fun and convenient with gamification and interleaving content formats that are on demand and repeatable.

Retrieval Practice

Recall probability and score data predicts when a user is starting to forget a piece of information and personalises their training to engage long-term memory storage.


Micro-interactions, rewards and peer-comparison help engage users and activate dopamine release to embed knowledge and effect behaviour change.


Emotional and perceptual fidelity deliver a sense of presence that simulates the real world triggering realistic user emotions and responses that help training stick and that predict future performance.

Safe Practice

Allow users to fail and grow by seeing the repercussions of their actions in real time without compromising real world safety. Users mistakes and learn from them in a safe environment.

Reflective Practice

Facilitator, peer or self-led reflective practise is built-in to all simulations allowing solo or team debrief and discussion to deliver actionable qualitative performance data. 

Force Multiplication

Infrequent, serendipitous, on-the-job training experiences are made repeatable, graded by difficulty and available on-demand to ensure equity of access and force multiply training opportunities.

VR STudy
Independent Research

Improve Employee Decision-Making Speed and Learning Retention

Independent, peer-reviewed research has shown that Virti reduces skill-fade and improves decision-making speed compared to traditional face-to-face training.


Evidence Based Results


reduction in skill-fade post-training for employees


increase in knowledge gain for healthcare professionals

Partner With Us

We are always excited to work with academic institutions and collaborators who want to make an impact on human performance. If this sounds like you, get in touch with our research team to find out more.