Immersive Stories and Engaging Audiences with Dr Sarah Jones

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Virti Team
June 17, 2020

Immersive Stories and Engaging Audiences with Dr Sarah Jones

In this episode, Nick speaks with Dr Sarah Jones about exploring and building immersive content and the concept of 'story living'.  As well as talking about engaging audiences in this new medium, we discuss the importance of inclusivity, collaboration and experimentation in VR.  

Sarah is Deputy Dean in the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Media at De Montfort University. Her practice and research sits within emerging technologies and the development of immersive experiential films. Sarah has a PhD in this area and has recently advised the UK Government on immersive technologies.

Previously, Sarah was Head of the Birmingham School of Media at Birmingham City University where she established the HuffPost Centre for Journalism . 

Sarah's research is "focused on immersive realities (VR/AR), experiential film within 360 immersive storytelling. I look to building experiences that allow for immersion, using whatever technology I can get my hands on. I am working to define a form of film practice around immersive experiential film and play with ideas of multi sensory VR to enhance presence in an environment. I have worked with Google on a Digital News Initiative project, in collaboration with the Coventry Telegraph, building a VR game around the Blitz. I am an Apple Distinguished Educator which puts me among a group of global leading educators experimenting and utilising technology in the classrooms. My approach is based on mobile global collaborative learning." 

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