An NHS Trusts journey into immersive technology - With Dr Jordan Tsigarides

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Virti Team
June 17, 2020

In episode 11 of the Virti XR Training Podcast, Nick gets the opportunity to speak and hear insights from Dr Jordan Tsigarides, an NHS Academic Clinical Fellow who has been developing and researching the use of VR in medical education for the past three years.  In our conversation, we cover use cases of the technology for medical training, the unique work Jordan is engaged in and also outline helpful tips for any healthcare teams starting out in the immersive technologies space. 


About the Guest: 


Twitter: @VRMedicsNorwich


Dr. Jordan Tsigarides is an Academic Clinical Fellow in Rheumatology based in Norwich, UK. He is the VR lead for the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust and has been responsible for the development of multiple educational programmes utilising immersive technologies.


A passionate advocate for technology-enhanced learning, Jordan has spoken internationally on the use of immersive technologies for the delivery of medical education. With a Masters in Clinical Education, he has conducted primary educational research on the efficacy of 360-degree video augmented simulation training & is involved with therapeutic VR, having founded the MSK Therapeutic VR Lab at the University of East Anglia (UEA) and is actively co-developing VR interventions alongside industry partners.

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