#35 🥁 Guided Visualisation and Finding Your Life's Mission

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Virti Team
November 14, 2020


On the podcast this week is Jim Rajan. Jim is a former award-nominated producer and director at MTV-UK Networks and other TV production companies in London, Jim has now been running a successful Healing Practice for over 17 years. He is trained in Shamanic Healing, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki, and Sound healing, and has been a diligent practitioner of Nicherin Buddhism for over 13 years, with a city-wide leadership responsibility. 
Jim has a dedicated global following of 6000 people on the meditation app InsightTimer for his guided visualisations and music for meditative practice. A self-taught musician, composer and producer, Jim has produced work for artists in London UK, Canada and North America as well as three of his own albums (The Cloud Forest, Nrty Hiran and Talisman). His work is currently available on Spotify, iTunes, etc. and of course InsightTimer. Jim’s work, courses and workshops are fundamentally based on the relationship between consciousness and sound. 
As an experienced Distance Healer Jim has an ever expanding client base across the globe. He's developed a way of connecting to a persons base frequency, in an empowering and enriching experience called The Healing Ceremony. This work is helping people transform their lives in all aspects from health and self-esteem, to fulfilment and living with true purpose. 
We discuss employee well-being, coping with lockdown and the benefits of visualisation and mindfulness.
To connect with Jim find him on Instagram at @jimrajan or at

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