Virti Land in NYC With RLab 🗽

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Virti Team
September 14, 2019

Virti are delighted to announce that we will be landing in NYC through our friends at RLab, NYC's home for spatial computing technology. This East Coast presence will enable Virti to support existing customers  as well as expand our US team and presence through health and education institutions and corporates on the East Coast. The opportunity gives Virti access to talent, research and customers through RLab's unique ecosystem.

A partnership between New York City and its universities, RLab is the first city-funded center for research, education and entrepreneurship in virtual and augmented reality and related technologies. The New York City Economic Development Corporation and the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment selected NYU Tandon School of Engineering as the administering institution and a consortium of participating universities, including Columbia University, CUNY, and The New School to manage and operate the RLab space. The new multi-university center is critical to the City’s plans to establish New York City as the next global leader in immersive technologies and will create hundreds of new jobs in the field. Learn more at

“Thanks in part to striking advances in technologies such as artificial intelligence and wireless, VR/AR platforms will revolutionize how we live, work and play. Here in New York, it also promises to open very real doors to opportunities in a vital new sector that will impact fields as diverse as design and architecture, education, entertainment and medicine,” said Jelena Kovačević, Dean of the NYU Tandon School of Engineering, “We are honored that the city, as part of its New York Works program to generate high-paying jobs for residents, is lending its support to the RLab. Located on Brooklyn’s Innovation Coastline, it will prove to be a major hub for research, entrepreneurship, and opportunities for NYU Tandon, CUNY, Columbia, The New School and the private sector.”

"We are excited to join forces with the RLab to support the creation of a hub for the AR and VR industry and help startups raise funds and succeed in the fledgling market. New York City has the necessary ingredients - corporations in a variety of industries, smart capital, and diverse talent - to become the center of gravity for AR and VR in the USA and the world,” said Ori Inbar, Founder and Managing Partner at Super Ventures. “Super Ventures is eager to engage the RLab with our extensive worldwide network of 250,000 AR/VR professionals and thousands of startups. Our vision is to make it a destination for every startup corporation, and investors who wish to join the next wave of spatial computing."

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