Join The Virti Creator Programme

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Virti Team
August 27, 2018

We're launching our Virti Creator Programme at AMEE 2018 in Basel. If you are a medical educator interested in creating amazing VR content for your learners you can apply to join the Creator Programme.

The Virti Creator Programme is for anyone with a passion for education and immersive technology. Virti uses mixed reality including CGI VR, 360 video and augmented reality to democratise and revolutionise the delivery of traditional in-person, work-based training.

The programme is for students, health professionals, simulation techs and anyone with a passion for education technology. If selected for the programme Virti will support you to create your own unique content that can be distributed and potentially commercialised through Virti. Support includes mentoring, access to the latest filming hardware and much more.

The programme team are looking for 40 creators to join the Creator Programme in year one and assessors are looking for individuals with a strong CV of innovation, technology and education.

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